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NourseFarms celebrating 80 years

Celebrating 80 Years

On August 18, 2011 we held an Open House to celebrate our 80th season!  We offered informative sessions that included a walking tour of our Whately nursery, and a bus tour of our Deerfield and Montague nurseries.

We had customers attend from as far away as Arkansas, Michigan, and Canada.  They toured our new lab and greenhouse, and attended demonstrations on plasticulture strawberries, pruning and trellising brambles, and our raspberry picking system.

Tim Nourse spoke about Nourse Farms from past to present, and Nate Nourse shared a preview of his plasticulture video.

Nourse Farms Open House 201180 Years at Nourse Farms



Nourse Farms employees enjoyed meeting and greeting customers and vendors.  It was a fun, informative day for all!

Thanks to all customers and vendors who helped make this event a success.....


Nourse Farms Registration Nourse Farms Open House Bus Tour Nourse Farms Open House
Mr. Strawberry at the Registration Tent Preparing for Bus Tour of Nurseries Tim speaking during lunch
Nate Nourse in the fields Open House Ted in the greenhouse open house Mary Nourse visiting open house
Nate giving a Nursery Tour Inside the Greenhouse with Ted Mary visiting with customers