Jewel Strawberry Plants


Home Garden Quantities
Quantity Price
25 $21.00
100 $75.60
Commercial Grower Quantities
Quantity Price
500 $131.25
1,000 $210.00
5,000 $199.50 / per 1,000
25,000+ $189.00 / per 1,000

One of our top sellers, Jewel performs well over a wide range of growing conditions. Jewel strawberry is our #1 midseason variety, recommended for commercial growers and home gardeners. Jewel has large berries with superb quality and flavor. We have been very successful using Jewel for home gardening due to its overall quality and consistent performance. Plants have moderate winter hardiness. Care must be taken at renovation to maintain a good plant stand. 

[(Senga Sengana x NY E-58) x Holiday]

Berry Size: Large
Best in Zones: 4 - 8
Firmness: Firm
Freezing Quality: Excellent
Resistant to: n/a
Ships as: Bare Root
special features
We recommend a soil pH level of 6.5 - 6.8 for strawberry plants.
special features
This June Bearing Strawberry Plant bears fruit 1 year after planting.
special features
Easy to grow!
special features
This is what a bundle of 25 strawberry bare roots looks like when it is shipped.
special features
One of our Top Ten Strawberry varieties!


I received my order 4/26/23 and wow they look really nice!!!!
Planted them right away in my raised bed. I can’t wait to harvest my strawberries. I highly recommend this company they are amazing.

Phoebe T.
Home Grower
Zone 5

Ordered 150 plants, 125 for our garden and 25 for our best friends. We are happy to say that we’ve not lost a single one so far and all are thriving! Our boys can’t wait until they have fresh berries to eat next year! We will definitely be ordering more berry plants from Nourse Farms and have recommended them to many friends already.

Mike M
Home Grower
Zone 6

I ordered 25 last year and planted within a day of getting them. They all thrived and rooted well. This year I can already see all of the runners they sent out! They look amazing and held up amazingly over winter. I can't wait for our first strawberry harvest! Thanks Nourse Farms!

Kara R
Home Grower
Zone 6

Best variety we have ever planted. Continues to be a high yielder with great taste. If we had to only plant 1 variety for our farm in Wisconsin it would be Jewel!

Commercial Grower
Zone 4

I have been ordering strawberries by mail for over 20 years but this was my first year to order from Nourse Farms. The superiority of these bare-root plants was obvious with each plant having long, thick roots. Three weeks after planting I have 25 large, healthy plants, in spite of my chickens repeated attempts to dig them up lol. I will never order berries from anybody else again. Thank you Nourse Farms!

Home Grower
Zone 6

Of the 9 Nourse varieties that we planted a few years ago, Jewel is our favorite. For us (zone 6a, sandy soil), it is by far our highest yielder and produces consistently high-quality berries with excellent flavor. The plants runner readily (which is a positive trait for us), and only a year after planting, our 25 plants (single row) had grown into an 8 foot wide bed that we renovated into 2 single rows.

Home Grower
Zone 6

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