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Released from the Nova Scotia, Canada, Breeding Program in 1981. This very winter hardy raspberry variety adapts to all climates and can be used as a summer bearer in the North or a fall bearer in the South. Nova is tolerant of heat and is an excellent choice for the upper midwest and northern regions, where high yields and dependability are required. Berries are firm, bright-red, medium to large in size, ripen gradually over a long harvest season, and have good shelf life. Canes are vigorous, growing upright with light spines.

Berry Color: Red
Berry Size: Med/Lg
Best in Zones: 3 - 8
Firmness: Firm
Freezing Quality: Good
Winter Hardy: Excellent
Ships as: Bare Root
special features
We recommend a soil pH level of 6.5 - 6.8 for raspberry plants.
special features
This Summer Bearing Raspberry Plant bears fruit 1 year after planting.
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Easy to grow!
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This is what one raspberry plant looks like when it is shipped.
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One of our Top Selling Bramble varieties!


Two years ago, I bought Nova raspberries. They have grown well in Southeast Alaska and I anticipated a good crop this year. They are vigorous sprouting plants and have lots of nice looking berries. Unfortunately I did not notice in the description that there was no mention of flavor. They are beautiful berries and tart but tasteless-quite a disappointment!

Ed's Edibles
Commercial Grower
Zone 5

Healthy plants that thrive. The production of both the strawberry and raspberries plants are abundant even in alot of challenging weather. Our soil is mostly clay but they still thrive and produce nice fruit that doesn't disappoint our customers. Our Nova raspberries produced a second crop of raspberries this fall with large tasty berries. Customers start wanting to place orders in early winter for berries in the spring as they love the berries. Thank you for supplying quality plants and service!

Commercial Grower
Zone 5

After getting 15" of snow on April 15, I was worried having essentially no spring would cause me trouble. And of course I screwed up a bit by throwing a handful of 10-10-10 in on each plant. They bounced back, and even one that I thought was dead sprouted in mid July. I put in two rows of 35', and every plant came up. I even planted a bundle of roots that sprouted - I think I got 28 plants from my order of 25. Plants produced a few berries this year, and I'm pleased with the taste. For a trellis, I used 6" round fence posts sunk in 4', w/2x4 cross posts, and standard 11ga wire..

Daniel S
Home Grower
Zone 4

We have both Nova and Encore that produce at about the same time. They are healthy and easy to pick. We make freezer jam and canned pie filling with Clear Jel. We started with three varieties of raspberries and added a fourth from Nourse Farms. They have been reliable producers and a reasonable price. We share all of our varieties with our neighbors and have shared Nourse Farms as our source for plants. Thanks so much!!

Home Grower
Zone 4

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