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At least three weeks earlier than Heritage, Polana raspberry allows you to grow fall varieties in more northern locations and still produce a great crop. Released from Poland, its berries are highly productive, medium/large, glossy in appearance, cohesive, with good flavor. This variety has short canes that are vigorous. Ripens early August in southern New England and late July in southern Wisconsin. In most cases, helps fill in the gap between summer and fall raspberries. A great choice for early fall raspberries. Polana needs extra fertilizer in May and June. 

Licensed variety

Berry Color: Red
Berry Size: Med/Lg
Best in Zones: 3 - 8
Firmness: Firm
Freezing Quality: Good
Winter Hardy: Excellent
Ships as: Bare Root
special features
We recommend a soil pH level of 6.5 - 6.8 for raspberry plants.
special features
This Fall Bearing Raspberry Plant bears some fruit the first fall of planting year, and either summers or falls after that depending on how it is managed.
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Available Exclusively from Nourse Farms
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Price includes a royalty or usage fee. Patent laws or license contracts prohibit propagation of the variety for resale or trade.
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This is what one raspberry plant looks like when it is shipped.


We planted 100 bareroot Polana raspberries in the spring of 2022 in hardscrabble soil in mid-coast Maine. We enjoyed an abundant harvest the first year. In mid-April of this year (2023), we counted over 1000 vigorous shoots, despite a winter plagued with multiple episodes of freezing and thawing. To say that Polanas are winter hardy and vigorous is an understatement!

Dennis D
Home Grower
Zone 4

these came to us with the fullest healthest roots and small sprouts cant wait for them to produce . Happy with purchase, years ago we grew 7 acres of raspberries , wish the plants were from NOURSE back then, well thank you again for great product.

Home Grower
Zone 4

These grew very well for me and produced a decent harvest this late summer/fall. But—the flavor is very disappointing! Great looking berries but very little raspberry flavor. I think next year I’ll pull them up and try Caroline again—they’re a little fussy but the flavor is so much better. (That is why we grow them, right?)

Home Grower
Zone 5

I had a great experience with this company. I asked to change my delivery time because of weather condition and I got my plants exactly when I needed to plant them. The plants itself were healthy, with well-developed roots and started to grow right in first summer. The only mistake I made was choosing Polana. I wanted to add a later variety to my garden but it doesn't work for central Minnesota. Polana is a fall variety and probably not suitable for the Zone 3 where growing season in short. The new cane first come out in middle of June, then they bloom end of August, and the berries are ready to ripe at the end of September. If we would have no frost until the end of September we would probably have a nice crop - there were lot of green berries on each cane. But last fall the first frost was on Sep.14 so everything was killed. For more southern area or lake area this will be a nice variety as it is high-productive.

Home Grower
Zone 3

A friend recommended these to me. I wanted a berry plant I could cut off at ground level because the bed gets buried deep in snow coming off my roof. Polana bears a lot of fruit in the Fall, right up to Winter. Mine were still ripening berries and attracting Cardinals two weeks ago ( mid-November) when I finally cut them so I could mulch everywhere.. I'm ordering more for my Camp property.

Home Grower
Zone 4

Growing space is limited in our small city. A friend recommended Polana raspberries because you cut them off flush in the late Fall so it doesn't matter how much snow comes off the eaves on top of them. They produce an enormous amount of berries, which we share with the Cardinal population. I highly recommend them. They are a superior berry plant. I'm terrible at maintenance and still the Polanas thrive.

Home Grower
Zone 4

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