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The Geneva Experiment Station in Geneva, New York released this raspberry variety in 1982. The most popular purple raspberry variety today, Royalty is very productive. The canes are thorny and long. The fruit is large, of high quality, and is the sweetest of all the purple raspberries. Good for fresh eating and excellent for jams and jellies. Royalty can be picked slightly immature as a firm red berry. Eludes spring frost damage, as it is a late-season variety. It has multiple insect resistances, including immunity to raspberry aphid, which should help to extend the productive life of the planting.

Berry Color: Purple
Berry Size: Large
Best in Zones: 4 - 8
Firmness: Moderate
Flavor: Good
Freezing Quality: Good
Winter Hardy: Good
Ships as: Plug Plant
special features
This Summer Bearing Raspberry Plant bears fruit 1 year after planting.
special features
We recommend a soil pH level of 6.5 - 6.8 for raspberry plants.


We have still got Purple Royalty raspberries that we brought from North of Schenectady, NY, when we moved to the Fingerlakes Region in 1990! They still bear, though they are not as large of berries as they used to be, but can you imagine that these brambles still bear after 33 years??? Purple Royalty are the BEST raspberries you will ever eat, also called "dessert berries" because they are so fruity and sweet tasting. We eat a lot of these out of hand, have made gazillions of "berried jellos" and other desserts and still look forward to them every Summer. Now that they are getting less vigorous, we want to start a new planting of Royalty Raspberries, because there is simply NOTHING ELSE LIKE THEM!

Home Grower
Zone 6

The 5 berry review is for the quality of the plugs. I planted 3 in a row and ran out of prepared space. I put the other two in odd areas and then forgot exactly where they were. I watered on planting, but we had only a half inch of rain during the following 4 weeks until I found them. I had little hope, but they were leafy.

Home Grower
Zone 7

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