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We ship plants in the spring only - this is best for your success.

Nourse Farms

We have Potted Blueberry plants immediately available for PICKUP at our nursery in Whately, MA.

We are offering Bluegold, Bluecrop, Chandler, Duke, Elliott, Jersey, Nelson, and Patriot varieties.  

These gallon size plants are available for pickup only. Please call 413-665-2658 soon to place your order.

Pricing is below: 

1 Plant - $12
10-49 Plants - $10 each
50 + Plants - $9 each

Plasticulture Video Guide

Plasticulture DVDTwo educational videos focusing on field preparation, planting, the growing season, and renovation.

Developed by Nate Nourse. Order them today!

New Natural Albino Pineberry Collection!

Dramatic color, excellent flavor, unique, small berry size. 

Collection includes:

- Natural Albino® Pineberry - 15 Plants
- Sonata Strawberry - 15 Plants

Nourse Video Library...

nate videoCheck out our videos> - We've added some educational videos for our customers. Please review at your leisure.

Let us know if you have ideas for others!

Browse Commercial Newsletters

newsletterOur Spring 2015 Newsletter is here! Please browse through it and previous newsletters to find the articles that will be of assistance to you.  We love to share our knowledge with customers!

Reference Articles

We add miscellaneous articles as a service for our customers.  Feel free 
to forward one for us to review and possibly include.

Recent additions: 
2015 Cornell Spotted Wing Drosophila Guidelines....
British Columbia Berries Production Guide
Raspberry Pruning Timeline (double cropping)

Accessories make a difference....

Soil Acidifier   Midwest Small Fruit & Pest Management agrigel
Soil Acidifier       Biosafe Pest Mgmt.


Don't forget to select the accessory items that will enhance your growing experience.

Gift Certificates - thoughtful and easy!

Gift Certificates are mailed immediately (regardless of ship date selected at checkout.)

Strawberry Plasticulture Tool

 Plasticulture toolPlasticulture toolMade exclusively for Nourse Farms! Stainless steel tool designed to push dormant,

    bare-root strawberry plants through plastic.  

Check out this Asparagus Knife!

asparagus knifeThis is a commercial growers knife - - - the ideal tool to harvest asparagus spears! Replacement blades are available. This knife has 9" shaft with a 5" wooden handle.   Overall length is 19.5", and blade is 1.5" x 5.5".  
Buy now!