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This high-yielding, thornless, early primocane raspberry variety has been a good performer for our growers. One report indicates that Joan J out-yielded Autumn Bliss by more than 30! The fruit is large and holds its size well. Berries are firm, easy picking (they release well) with small drupelets and good flavor. The fruit will hold and ship well, as it is dry. Highly recommended for planting when early fruit is required.  If used to produce a double crop, the summer crop will fruit at around the same time as Nova.

U.S. Plant Patent #18,954. Canadian PBR #3881. (Joan Squire x Terri-Louise)

Berry Color: Red
Berry Size: Large
Best in Zones: 4 - 8
Firmness: Firm
Freezing Quality: Excellent
Winter Hardy: Good
Ships as: Bare Root
special features
We recommend a soil pH level of 6.5 - 6.8 for raspberry plants.
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This Fall Bearing Raspberry Plant bears some fruit the first fall of planting year, and either summers or falls after that depending on how it is managed.
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Available Exclusively from Nourse Farms
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Price includes a royalty or usage fee. Patent laws or license contracts prohibit propagation of the variety for resale or trade.
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This is what one raspberry plant looks like when it is shipped.
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One of our Top Selling Bramble varieties!


Planted 5 varieties spring of in 2022 and these are our top pick for flavour as well as a heavy producer. We planted 20 of these and got about a quart pint per week the first year. Based on the growth this year I'm guessing it will be closer to 5 quarts per week.

Billy S
Home Grower
Zone 6

My family bought me 10 plants last year, 2021, for Mother’s Day. I was sold on the thornless variety after all the great reviews and how low maintenance this variety is. These raspberries have not disappointed! We had a very cold spring and a late start to summer in central MN. It is the first week of July and we have an abundance of large delicious raspberries on healthy plants. They are being eaten by the handfuls. We will definitely be expanding our Joan J raspberry beds so that we can eat them fresh and freeze them.

Home Grower
Zone 3

These are my favorite raspberries ever. I originally bought them in 2015 and I would love to have them at my new house. They tasted like cotton candy to me.

Matt H
Home Grower
Zone 5

I got 5 Joan J last year and they loved Northern VA Clay soil. It took off and gave me a small crop last fall. I am amazed at the crop today June 2nd. The tip of the new growth is starting to fruit as well. It is completely thornless and taste great.

Home Grower
Zone 7

Over the last 6 years, I had bought some Joan J plants to "play" with. I really thought they did well in these small areas.
In spring of 2020 ended up planting 60 feet of Joan J (40 plants), 15 ft of Heritage (10 plant), and 15 feet of Double Gold (10 plants) in my neighbor's garden. The first summer, the Joan J produce a tiny crop (I expected nothing as it is an establishment year). But this year, 2021, my second year. The Joan J kicked butt !!
The Joan J started production in mid August and were full on 7-10 days later (Chicago suburbs, zone 5). Heavy production, beautiful berries, great tasting and easy to harvest because of spineless canes. Healthy plants and berries. Large berries, beautiful color, very good taste, and heavy harvest over 3 weeks. I watered all the raspberries using a soaker hose. (note: My small experimental patches didn't get much added water. I had no idea the Joan J could do that much better with regular irrigation.) Anyway, I really want to dump the Double Gold and Heritage (see my review of those - hint, it's not favorable.) One of the specialist at Norse told me to give them a year or two more to see if they come around .... which he says might happen. Pretty stark difference between the three varieties.. I would give Joan J 9+/10. I would give Heritage 5-6/10, Double Gold 4-5/10

Home Grower
Zone 5

I planted 5 plants in late may and I was picking beautiful large dellicious berries in late July. Now in late August, the plants are LOADED with these amazing berries. I have heritage raspberries also and the Joan J's are outperforming.

Home Grower
Zone 7

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