Truck Shipments

Nourse Farms is committed to getting large plant orders to our commercial growers in both excellent condition and a timely manner.  We know that your business depends on the quality of the plants you receive, and we offer shipment via Refrigerated Trucks and Common Carrier Trucks.  

We will help determine the best method of shipment for your order.  We will also contact you throughout the ship cycle to let you know when your order has left our facility, and when you can expect to receive at your location.

Refrigerated Trucks travel at 28°, which is the same temperature we hold plants at in our cold storage facilities. Common Carrier Trucks, which are non-refrigerated trucks,  serve a wider delivery area, and are also a great option.  Additionally, we pack and wrap orders with great efficiency to keep them at the optimal temperature for travel.  See examples below.  


        Refrigerated Truck - Palletized and shrink wrapped     Common Carrier - Palletized, shrink and bubble wrapped