With proper attention, you can reap harvests for 20-30 years or more!

**  NEW FOR 2023 - Blueberry plants now ship in a 1 liter pot **

Our 1 liter pot delivers a vigorous, strong plant for easy transplanting and quick establishment. Plants are sheared to 12-14" to increase top growth in the first year. Eliminate the drying out during shipment and transplant shock common with other bare root blueberry plants!

Visit our steps to success or call for critical details regarding planting location and soil pH (which needs to be 4.5-4.8 for success).

  • Bluecrop

    Leading commercial blueberry plant variety - high yields.

  • Bluegold

    Compact, hardy, highly productive blueberry plant.

  • Blueray

    Extremely winter hardy blueberry plant!

  • Burgundy

    A standout selection from Maine!

  • Chandler

    Largest blueberry on the market today.

  • Darrow

    Darrow blueberry plant produces large berries full of flavor.

  • Duke

    This blueberry plant produces high yields of good quality berries.

  • Elliott

    Produce medium-sized, light blue blueberries.

  • Jersey

    Very sweet, dark blue berries. Easy-to-grow blueberry plant.

  • Last Call

    High yields of large berries with a classic sweet flavor.

  • Northblue

    Appealing landscape addition with juicy, "wild" tasting fruit!

  • Northland

    This blueberry plant produces very flavorful medium-sized, dark blue fruit.

  • Northsky

    The most cold-hardy of all blueberries!

  • Patriot

    Extremely winter hardy blueberry plant with good flavored berries.

  • Reka

    Reka is a blueberry plant with vigorous, adaptable, large crops.

  • Top Shelf

    Excels in plant vigor, fruit size and flavor!

  • Tophat

    Perfect for defined border plantings or patio containers!