Introduction to Growing Asparagus

Do you want to begin growing asparagus? Or, have you been growing asparagus for a long time and simply want to get fresh ideas or helpful suggestions? This growing corner will teach you how to grow asparagus.

Planting Summary

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  • 12" – 14" between plants unless otherwise specified
  • 6" – 8" between plants is recommended for Purple Passion
  • 3’ between rows
  • Furrows should be 8" – 10" deep for most soils
  • Furrows of 8" is recommended for heavier clay–like soils


  • Plants need a well–drained site
  • Lighter soils may require more frequent watering
  • Important to maintain moisture during establishment year


  • Before planting add 5lbs of 10–10–10 per 100 sq ft
  • In establishment year dress in August with 1 lb 10–10–10 per 100 sq ft and work into top 2" of soil
  • In following years use 2lbs 10–10–10 per 100 sq ft in early spring and again following harvest
  • Lime, bone meal, and super phosphate help maintain proper soil levels
  • pH: 7.0–7.2 This is very important

Weed Control

  • Ferns will die back naturally in the fall
  • Mulching dried ferns with mower in fall will reduce weed pressure
  • Contact a local extension for chemical recommendations

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