Selecting and Placing your plants

How do I decide which plants to purchase?

We have a broad offering of berry plants, and selection can be daunting even for the seasoned gardener. But, if you keep it simple and think about your goals we are sure you’ll find the right plants for your garden. We suggest you consider the following questions when deciding which plants to purchase.

  1. How will you use the berries - - fresh fruit, frozen fruit, or maybe even jam?
  2. Is the visual aspect important to you? You may want to use blueberry or raspberry plants as a pretty hedge, or asparagus to add winter beauty with it’s wispy green fern.
  3. What’s more important to you, taste or size?  Use the variety characteristics we provide to help you decide.
  4. Do you have growing conditions that will require a disease-resistant variety?
  5. Did you know that all of our blueberry plants, and some currants and raspberry plants contain high levels of nutraceuticals, which provide a healthy benefit to the human body?
  6. Do you want to extend your growing season with early, mid, and late season varieties?
  7. Did you know that in addition to being used for sauces and pies, rhubarb is an attractive border in a garden?
  8. How much space do you have? Strawberry plants take very little space, whereas blueberry and raspberry plants take more space when fully grown.
  9. How much time do you have? Everbearing raspberries require less care than summer bearing types. Blueberry plants, once established, only need to be pruned and fed once or twice a year.

We have taken great care to provide detailed information about each variety that we offer – please refer to our product category and individual product pages for specifics.


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