Seascape Strawberry Plants


Home Garden Quantities
Quantity Price
25 $24.15
100 $87.15
Commercial Grower Quantities
Quantity Price
500 $151.20
1,000 $241.50
5,000 $229.95 / per 1,000
25,000+ $217.35 / per 1,000

Seascape was released by the University of California breeding program in 1992. This day-neutral has been highly successful for north eastern growers for summer and fall production. The plants have the potential to be the most productive of any day-neutral. The berries are large, firm and have good flavor when picked ripe from the plant.  Seascape is considered by our customers to have the best flavor of any of our everbearers.

Berry Size: Large
Best in Zones: 4 - 7
Firmness: Firm
Freezing Quality: Good
Resistant to: n/a
Ships as: Bare Root
Fruits: Summer - Mid Season
special features
We recommend a soil pH level of 6.5 - 6.8 for strawberry plants.
special features
This Day Neutral Strawberry Plant bears fruit 12-14 weeks after planting.
special features
This is what a bundle of 25 strawberry bare roots looks like when it is shipped.
special features
One of our Top Ten Strawberry varieties!


This is my second year of growing Seascape berries. We planted 500 plants last year as an experiment ..
Those year we planted 6000 Seascape and 1000 Evie's .. although the Evies were supposed to be very easy to grow , for some reason they are dieing left and right ((late August )) .. since we are pretty new at growing strawberries I'm not real sure of it is grower error or plant spieces , although it seems as though they have been on the same fertilizer and watering program.. still, I won't give the Evie's a bad review because I'm not sure.
Now as far as the Seascape go , this spring was a horrible spring weatherwise .. we had to plant in sunny mid 90s degree days and I don't think we were real kind to the plants either .. as of now in late August we are struggling to pic and find markets to sell around 300 quarts a week, if this continues into the middle of October we will certainly be ordering more seascape . .. And; almost every day at markets the repeat customers say ",these are the best tasting berries I have ever ate " . ????????

randy h
Commercial Grower
Zone 4

Did a trial of several day-neutral strawberries three years ago (Milan, Seascape, Albion, Charlotte, Mara Des Bois). Three years later the winner is Seascape. I plant around 500 plants and get a gallon or two every three days from late July thru mid October. Have to throw away some due to grasshoppers, birds, etc. Some customers have begun asking me how to grow them, probably want to grow them themselves. The others were also good, but not as productive as Seascape. One customer told me they jokingly that some had stretch marks they were so big.

Don B
Home Grower
Zone 4

Ordered and received 500 seascape strawberry plants 2021. First year i was picking berries, until middle of October.
Lost a few plants to the bad winter we had, even when they were covered with straw. High strong winds and very freezing weather.
The remaining plants are big and strong look great and are loaded already. Picked berries the first time today. The berries are very large and sweet.
Would buy more if I had a place for them.

Home Grower
Zone 6

not happy winterkilled very few made it to year 2 .had in pots did not work well they need to be in a bed of some sort

Home Grower
Zone 5

Plants produced from early June through October. Steady production all summer despite the lack of rain. Nice to have fresh fruit that late in the season

Clear Creek Dahlias
Home Grower
Zone 5

The first time I planted Seascape, I did 3 planting for a total of 100 plants. I sold over 100 lbs. the first year. That didn't count all I ate along the way. Even in our hot summer they needed to be picked every 2-3 days all summer long. Love them. I know some sweeter berries but don't get near the production.

Robert Hunt
Commercial Grower
Zone 7

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