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Plants ship between January - July.   Ship dates are selected during checkout process.

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From Dr. Courtney Weber’s breeding program at Cornell University. Information from Cornell trials indicates Dickens produces large, firm fruit that ripen in late mid-season starting at the end of the Jewel season and continuing for 10 days after Jewel. The fruit has a short conic shape and produces multiple fruiting laterals. This variety fruits to a good sweet flavor with a bright red skin color and red interior. Productivity has been very good in trials exceeding Jewel and Winona, with larger average fruit size. In trials in Ontario, Dickens showed good Phytophthora root rot resistance in replant sites and good vigor through renovation.  

U.S. Plant Patent Pending

Berry Size: Large
Best in Zones: 4 - 7
Firmness: Firm
Freezing Quality: Good
Resistant to: n/a
Ships as: Bare Root
special features
We recommend a soil pH level of 6.5 - 6.8 for strawberry plants.
special features
This June Bearing Strawberry Plant bears fruit 1 year after planting.
special features
Price includes a royalty or usage fee. Patent laws or license contracts prohibit propagation of the variety for resale or trade.
special features
This is what a bundle of 25 strawberry bare roots looks like when it is shipped.


I was sad to see they restricted this variety to commercial growers. I ordered them last year & discovered that it is not the cold nailing my strawberries, it's root rot (I'm in Wyoming, very cold). All the resistant varieties came through tough as nails, the cold tolerant but no root rot resistance were all dead this spring. So, these made it through a brutal winter (with consistent cold temperatures starting in November till the beginning of April) & they're doing awesome. They also taste awesome. They taste like strawberry shortcake (best way to describe) & they are very productive. They are about as tasty as the Sparkles, better than Cavendish, & Cabot, but more productive than all of them. The plants were very vigorous. I even had some runners live through the horrible winter when they escaped out of their raised beds and planted in the walkway. These, Sparkle, Cavendish & Cabot (sometimes the Cabot get some winterkill) are awesome in cold areas with bipolar temperature swings.

Lacey A
Home Grower
Zone 5

Beautiful berries and very prolific!! I will order more in the future and i am quite happy I ordered the ones I have!

Home Grower
Zone 6

I am a bit prejudiced since my name IS Dicken, but these plants went in easy and grew fast. I will let them bear some fruit this June, though planted the first week of May. They are already large enough, to produce some berries, though I am sure I should pinch all the berries off, and make them grow, but I want to see what they taste like, then I will start pruning...
Love this Dicken Variety for Mid June berries.

Jim D
Commercial Grower
Zone 5

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