Purple Passion Asparagus Roots

Purple Passion

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Purple Passion

Purple Passion is a unique asparagus variety especially suited to the asparagus enthusiast, whether home gardener or commercial grower. Its special, attractive purple color, flavor and tenderness distinguish this variety from others. Our field trial confirms all of these attributes with taste tests conducted here. In addition, our trials indicate Purple Passion has productive yields. For best performance, plant spacing for Purple Passion is 6-8 inches apart in the row instead of the usual 12-inch spacing. When cooked, the bright purple color is reduced, but when served fresh in salads it provides a colorful and flavorful accent. Purple Passion is an excellent addition to any asparagus planting.

Best in Zones: 3 - 8
Freezing Quality: Excellent
Age: 1 year roots
special features
This is what a bundle of 25 asparagus roots looks like when it is shipped.


This is by far my favorites aspergrass variety! Where I lived previously, I had timber soil and a high water table. The roots produced numerous m foot -long (even sometimes longer) spears, many of which were 1.5 inches thick. The roots had a very long production season, going well into July. Even tho PP is not all male, the yield is remarkable!
Last thing—forget about the trench and fill method of planting. Various extension services say just to dig a 6 to inch hole, put the asparagus in and cover with earth. Do you suppose commercial growers use trench and fill? Certainly not!

Berry C.
Home Grower
Zone 5

Wonderful supply. Best crowns we’ve ever received. Purple passion is a great variety, but Nourse stock is the best. Productive, low maintenance, easy care, awesome flavor, easy market sale.

Sonya W
Commercial Grower
Zone 7

Zone 6b, SW MO.
We planted these crowns earlier last spring, so this is their second year at this property. We do have intentions of selling at market sooner or later, but for now we are still "home growers". We love asparagus and have been growing it for several years, but I wanted a single variety at the new place, so I chose these. The harvest this year was really good; I'm very happy with the harvest totals as well as the asparagus itself. Delicious!
Preserving: I either ferment them (just as you do cucumbers), or slice, blanch, and freeze. This year I put all the blanched, frozen asparagus into the freeze dryer. It love seeing the freeze-dried asparagus on my pantry shelf - so pretty!
Very satisfied.
Thanks for the great products! We are very pleased with all of our purchases and will be buying more things in the future.

Joanne S
Home Grower
Zone 6

I bought 25 of the Purple Passion Asparagus from Nourse about 3 years ago and they did well, good size and exceptional flavor.

I bought another 25 last year to fill in some "bare" spots in the asparagus patch. I planted 10 of the roots in June. The other 14 sat in the cardboard box for 2 months in the garage and dried out. Rather than throw them out I just planted them in another garden, around the first of August, 14 roots in a 12 foot long row. Wow, they all came up.

Not easy to grow veggies here in Wyoming but Nourse plants came through again for us!

Tim G
Home Grower
Zone 4

These are great plants; very productive and taste sweeter than any of the other 3 varieties I've planted. Just bought some more when it was time to replant an old bed of Martha Washington.

Home Grower
Zone 6

Beautiful crowns and arrived timely and in great shape. Had ordered another variety from other company and these from Nourse are hands down much better, quality crowns. Will use Nourse for future plant needs. Thanks .

Ken T
Home Grower
Zone 6

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